About Katherine Jeans

Katherine Jeans

Katherine Jeans is an award winning film-maker and established visual artist, whose work has been shown in galleries across Canada and the US. 
The Art Shopping Channel is part of her journey to educate, inform and sell art directly to you. 
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My artistic career began as a director of film and television programs, more than 25 years ago, as senior partner and creative instigator for Sound Venture Productions. Some of my work include: “The Group of Seven-Art for a Nation “, “Canvas of Conflict”, “Whole Notes”, “Footnotes” ,  “Homes by Design”, the Gemini award- series “The Toy Castle”  and others.  “Super 8 The Art of Making It! CBC’s Bold Arts Channel.

Today I blend my multi disciplinary artist talents between painting, creating, producing and directing digital content.

I was born in St. John’s, Newfoundland and have lived in Ottawa most of my life.  I have traveled extensively and learned from many artists in many art forms including film, music, dance, architecture and visual art. As a visual artist I am interested in capturing the ephemeral moment of a moving image.  My unique style has movement, depth and transparency that is historically connected to my vocabulary as a filmmaker.

My paintings are a personal selection of random frames much like how you might freeze a frame from a dream or a moving picture.  I am passionately in SEARCH OF BEAUTY  with a desire to find the existential moment in all of my art.    I purposefully blur the lines between painting and photo-conceptual fine art, to question the social context of reality.

Art brings higher purpose and meaning to our everyday life.  I hope you find some beauty in my creative journey.

My work is shown and sold privately, publicly in galleries and has been featured in dramatic films and TV series around the world. I hope you get a chance to see my work in person!


My Desire is to Paint What is Beautiful!

As an Existential thinker I search for universal beauty that can be observed in my art.  One can distinguish four basic dimensions of human existence: the physical, the social, the psychological and the spiritual.  Each dimension shapes our attitude out of a particular take on our experiences.

To freeze a moment ultimately challenges my notion of what is perfection.

Through video installations and paintings I hope to challenge you to look beyond just a beautiful flower or a scene from nature but to share with you an ephemeral moment that can never be repeated.

 After all beauty is in the eye of the beholder.