About Us

The Art Shopping Channel

Founded by Artist and Filmmaker,  Katherine Jeans.  

It takes a life-time to build a body of work.  It takes courage to expose your art to a wider audience and discover new networks for presenting art to collectors (novice and professional). 

We will regularly feature art and tell our creative story about the journey into this complicated art world. We share our passion, success and heartbreaks. We look for open dialogue with collectors, curators, influencers and get their advice on what they deem important when searching for and selecting art.

Shopify is our safe secure e-commerce site.  

We will include links and information on art events, museum releases and news features on our Facebook Page and Instagram pages.  

Our mission at The Art Shopping Channel is to build a community of art lovers. 

We hope you come on our artistic journey.

It takes 7 seconds to fall in love with art and one click to become a patron.